Three SEO Strategies

SEO: is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. SEO consists of a set of organizational principles that when applied to a website enhance its profile to search engines.

The following selection of websites has applied these principles either deliberately or by virtue of the nature of the site to effect their search profile.

1. is almost, always listed first in any search using any search engine. This is because Wikipedia by nature is content rich. It can be said that it is the “king” of content. It has a 9 google ranking and is hit 50,000,000 times per month.

Wikipedia also use a deep linking / interlinking SEO strategy, linking only keywords, and not entire sentences. This expedites the search and helps them move up in page ranking

Wikipedia also uses keywords judiciously these are part of the page title, the url, the headers, and every page containing that search term is also linked across the Wikipedia content.

It’s consistent. Wikipedia doesn’t link a big long sentence, because if they do that they’re diluting the anchor text’s keyword density…and anchor text should be 100% keyword dense (as opposed to body content, which should have a keyword density of about 3-4%).

2.      CNN.COM: Has Google’s highest ranking 10, they use the power of content, delivers the latest breaking news and information on the latest top stories, is one of the most watched news on the internet and people from all over the world are downloading stories from this site. They use Microformats, apply standards, and they link their site with social networks. They are getting most of their information from social networks. They are in this way providing and opportunity for people to become part of the news, allowing the users to upload pictures, and videos, this shared content has motivated may people to link  to CNN.

3. It is the only travel site with google rank number 9, their SEO strategy  includes: content or on what they call “page factors”, separating the internal linking and the external linking, and making the code clear, eliminating things that might block spiders or hinder search engine performance against the site. One of the interesting elements of their link building strategy lies in partnerships. Expedia have embraced SEO traffic as integral part of their product development, and made a multilingual SEO strategy and don’t just translated web sites.



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